The studio for heavy and dark music



Tidalwave Studio offers an inviting and acoustically optimized live room that will make you feel comfortable during your recording session.

Two decades of experience in recording a wide range of music genres will guarantee that you get the quality your music deserves.

Having a nice collection of modern and vintage tools does no harm either!


Mixing is the process where your music will really be brought to life, transforming raw tracks into powerful, captivating songs.

Over 20 years of experience working on hundreds of releases will help us to deliver you a state of the art mix.

Contact us and let´s bring your music to the highest level!

Full Production

Let´s work together on all steps of your production. Arranging, recording, mixing and mastering here at Tidalwave will provide high quality from start to end.

We will guide you through the whole production process for guaranteed classy results.


Carach Angren - Echoes From The 17th Century (Symphonic Blackmetal)
Bender - Old Man (Rock)
Scarred - Chupacabra (Metal)
Falkenbach - Eweroun (Pagan Metal)
DeVicious - Afterlife (Hardrock)
ROME - Odessa (Chanson Noir)
Death of a Dryad - Dead Souls (Dark Folk)
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows - The Sleeper (Gothic)
ASP - Wanderer (Official Patrick Damiani Remix)

Patrick Damiani

“This is not just a job, it is my calling”

Patrick Damiani is a fulltime audio-engineer/producer since 1999 and owner of Tidalwave Studio.

Over the last two decades, Patrick has worked on hundreds of releases as engineer and dozens of albums as musician. This provides an integral understanding of every aspect of recording, which will help guide you through your production.

Speaking English, German and French fluently eases communication with the artists.

Patrick enjoys working for established artists such as Carach Angren, Falkenbach or Sopor Aeternus as well as helping newcomer bands level up their releases to become the established bands of the future.

The studio for heavy and dark music