Master class

Follow the complete production of a dark metal song from the band Death of a Dryad


About this masterclass


Tidalwave Studio offers an inviting and acoustically optimized live room that will make you feel comfortable during your recording session.
Two decades of experience in recording a wide range of music genres will guarantee that you get the quality your music deserves.
Having a nice collection of modern and vintage tools does no harm either


We will be happy to mix your songs, whether they have been recorded here at Tidalwave Studio or at a different location.
Over 20 years of experience of mixing all different genres will help us to deliver you a state of the art mix.
Let’s discuss your project and bring it to the next level!


You have an idea for a great song, but need help to get it to the next level? We can help you arrange and produce your music, book session musicians if needed, and guide you through the recording process

Production tips

Whether you have old recordings that need to be restorated or freshly mixed songs that need some polish, we will take care of your music and let it appear in the best light.

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About the video

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